Fox4KC TVThe winter, spring and summer months pose the greatest danger for severe weather. During these times parents are advised to stay alert to current weather conditions. Check the television, radio or Internet for weather updates. This will enable parents or caregivers to respond quickly if severe weather is imminent.

The studio recommends that each child (who is old enough) have his/her own cell phone. This is the child’s primary link to his/her parents in the event of an emergency. In order for a child or a member of the Miller Marley staff to make immediate contact with a parent, it is imperative that all cell phones belonging to parents be turned on during the time that the child is at the studio.

Those parents, who have children of driving age, are encouraged to initiate a plan to follow in the event that the child is at the studio during a Severe Weather Warning or a Tornado Warning.  The decision regarding the child’s ability to drive home under these circumstances is at the sole discretion of his / her parent(s).

Spring and Summer Severe Weather

In the event that a Tornado Warning is issued, the studio will close immediately.  This does not include a Tornado Watch, under which conditions the studio will remain open.  Under the following weather advisories the studio will remain open, but will be on the alert for  changing weather conditions:

• Severe Weather Watch / Severe Thunderstorm Watch / Flood Watch

• Severe Weather Warning / Severe Thunderstorm Warning / Flood Warning

• Tornado Watch

In the event that a Tornado Warning is issued, the following precautions will be taken to ensure the safety of the students. Students will be escorted to the following areas to take cover:

• The back rooms of Studio 3 and Studio 4

• The Staff rooms of Studio 5 and Studio 6

• The back rooms of Miller Marley’s Costume Shop

Once a Tornado Warning has been issued, parents are strongly encouraged to pick up their children (from the studio) as soon as possible by going to the designated areas as described above. If at such time driving conditions are so hazardous as to pose a risk to the parent(s) by driving to the studio, those children who have not been picked up will remain in the designated areas until the all clear is announced and the roads are safe.

After the majority of the students have been picked up, the remaining children will be transported to Shirley Marley’s home (located within two blocks of the studio) where, if necessary, they will take cover in Shirley’s basement. A note to this effect and directions to Shirley’s home will be posted on the door to the office at the studio.

In all cases of Severe Weather, we encourage our student to have their cell phones with them at all times and parents be prepared to pick up your child in the case of an emergency.  We know safety is the primary concern of the Studio as well as the parent. In any severe weather situation it is the parents decision whether or not to have a child attend a schedules class or rehearsal.

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